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We are the storytelling arm of Live Love.
We partner with brands and institutions to tell stories with a positive social and environmental impact.
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Our work
Stories have the power to restore hope, to give you the possibility to dream. To make you believe in yourself. To teach you about others. To make you fall in love with a place. To make you want to protect your planet, and fellow humans. To create ties between people, no matter where they come from. To put forth the best of our humanity, and create positive impact. Let's tell stories together. Those kinds of stories.
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Diving in into the stories of women led food cooperatives in remote Lebanese regions. Creating jobs for all, including the displaced.
Beirut – Client: UNDP and the Embassy of Norway
When an Instagram photo reveals a national hero, and a life lesson in hard work and perseverance.
Live Love Volunteer
A volunteering program in partnership with UNDP, commited to creating one high impact event a month to help preserve Nature, Community & Culture.
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What happens when citizens visit each others regions? Dialogue, love & openness.
Beirut, Client: Decathlon & Nestle Waters (Sohat)
The Live Love Studios Packages
for Brands and Institutions
  • 1
    Sponsor a Live Love Volunteer Event
    Example: Sohat for the Kfarhelda Waterfall Cleanup
  • 2
    Sponsor a Live Love Tour
    Example: Decathlon for the Ain Zhalta Live Love Tour
  • 3
    Create a custom activation
    Example: Renault planted a forest with us while promoting its new clio on #clioplantsleb. UNDP asked us to tell the stories of the impact they're creating in Douma. The Norwegian embassy asked us to show the impact they're creating through women empowerement and to train them in social media.
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We're a full service digital production & broadcast studio.
Our power is our unique ability to reach engaged communities through the Live Love channels that we created in 25 countries around the world.
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Stories With An Impact
Everyone on our payroll works for social impact and to fulfill Live Love's mission. Your content will be built to help make the world better.
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