Move for beirut!
LAX Studio, Paris, Dimanche Nov 28, 10:30 AM
Live Love is partnering with TBC coaching founder and celebrity trainer Tony Fischer who is holding a massive 1-hour workout class in Paris to raise funds for Beirut and its people. Proceeds from the class will help us buy medicine and provide healthcare to people who need it. Donate to grab your pass, and come pump it up for Beirut with us!

The class will take place on
November 28, at 10:30 AM sharp at LAX studio in Paris.

We look forward to shaking it out with you!
What you will need to register for the class

1) Fill the registration form below
2) Donate any amount of your choice to Live Love Beirut (just follow the link after you register here)
3) Show your donation receipt email at the door on the 28th
Register for the class
Enter your info below, then head to this link to make a donation
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After you fill up this form, please click this link and donate any amount of your choice to the Live Love Beirut medical relief fund. Bring your donation email receipt with you to access the class.
Who are we?
Live Love Beirut
Live Love Beirut is a Lebanese NGO created in 2012 to bring hope. The goal was to promote beauty and build communities to promote their territory and create lasting impact.

The explosion in the port of Beirut profoundly disrupted our activities. We have created a coalition with other NGOs as well as a department dedicated to crisis management. Requests for help poured in. Our call center is constantly in action and has already responded to more than 23,000 requests for help from people in need to provide them with medicine, food, clothing and basic household products. But Lebanon continues to face many challenges: our work is far from over.

This is why we need you today. We face a large shortage of medications. A very large number of people thus find themselves without treatment, including people of all ages suffering, for example, from chronic illnesses such as diabetes. This situation is dramatic. With your donations and support, we will be able to provide treatment to those most in need.
Tony Fischer
After a high-level sports career in the field of football as well as many years spent with the firefighters and the sports office, he naturally turned to coaching and physical preparation. Since 2005, he's been traveling through different countries (United States, Canada, Guadeloupe, Thailand), he has trained in several techniques to today offer rich and varied sports training and a complete service in the management of an athlete, beginner or expert (see his diplomas). Between group lessons, individual coaching and now his new online sports programs, Tony is committed to using his fifteen years of experience in physical preparation for as many people as possible and making his work accessible to all.