They are a direct result of global warming.
Your daily choices can help reduce global warming.
Here's how you can help.
We've made this bracelet so we can donate 100% of profits to the Rainforest Action Network, and as a reminder you put on your wrist to change your daily behaviors towards less carbon emissions and to lessen global warming. Click below to grab it and make your donation.
What does 100% of profits mean?
In all transparency: Our cost is $5 / bracelet, so with your purchase, we are making a $5 donation to the rainforest action network. And you're getting a sweet bracelet that reminds you of the crucial importance of your daily choices.
So we need to work for change. It is not enough to #PrayForAmazonia. The Amazon needs a lot more than just our prayers, our posts, and our hashtags. It needs us to change our ways in order to live a more sustainable life. Here are a few of the simplest ways that are still effective in which we can all help reduce our carbon footprint.