We are a social enterprise on a mission to build communities who create hope & positive impact for Nature, Society and Culture in cities around the world.

Part of the global Live Love movement
We build communities to create hope and positive impact for Nature, Society and Culture in cities around the world. We believe in You(th) and think positive storytelling can change the world, and create engaged citizens who are in love with their planet, and want to create shared solutions to shared problems.
Meet our Live Love Armenia
community leaders
Sarin Puzantian
Head of Chapter
I am Sarin and I am very excited to be part of the LLA team. I was born and raised in Syria. in 2012 I moved to Armenia and started to build my career here. I earned my masters degree in Business from the American University of Armenia and started to work here I have worked for three years in the hospitality industry and then shifted to the IT industry, as part of the marketing team . I have been an active member of AGBU since I was 5 years old. I love to volunteer and help, these two were the main reasons for me to join the LLA team and have even a small impact in the development of Armenia.
Shaghig Rastkelenian
Head of Chapter
Loving Armenia raised in me since my childhood in Syria; where I was born and raised. By being an active member of the biggest Armenian Organization AGBU, I've learned to serve my country and be a part of its development, and Live Love Armenia is one of the best ways to implement that. I have a bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing, and I manage the marketing department of my family restaurant in the heart of Yerevan. Also, I am currently studying in the Wine Academy of Armenia and working in the wine industry of Armenia. My career passion is to promote Armenian wines globally.
At Live Love, we live and breathe to help preserve nature and celebrate its beauty. See an environmental issue around you? Have a volunteering idea? Submit your event here. Do your research. Be as precise as possible to get accepted.
We are here for one another. There is so much we can do to take care of those in need. From spending time with them to helping them build homes, find proper food, care or even education and entertainment.
Arts and culture are an essential part of our lives. Creativity and imagination is key to wellbeing, and at the core of creating change. Arts, history and heritage are to be very seriously taken care of.

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