We use whatsapp to communicate a lot!
Video format
For more outreach on social media we recommend highly that you use vertical instagram
Video usage
In this section you can suggest the mood of the song and suggest some song references (links).
In this section you can share a download link of a song as an example of asset for sound to choose from.
Logo appearance/upload
Please share a link to download your logo(s)
Mention the names of potential speakers that should appear in the video
Should speakers sign a consent form?
In this section you can describe any element that should not be shot, third party logo etc.
This section is dedicated to the video script that will be reviewed by our production team.
Please share a link to download the captions.
Please share a link of the end frame
Platform of delivery
Please note that a minimum average of 5 working days is required for the video to be completed, which could vary if the video portrays an event or if it consists in a more complex project.
Please mention in this paragraph any uncleared detail previously not mentioned.
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