Trees for Lebanon
04 - 06 - 2022
Meeting Time: at 8.00 am
Location: BDD, Bachoura, Nassif El Yazaji St
Coordinates : 33.8917469275, 35.5054501112
Location: Byblos Municipality
Coordinates : 34.1239591, 35.6516091

This living Earth we walk every single day sustains our every breath, our every move.
As we breathe in and breathe out, Trees use that same air to provide us with clean oxygen, protect us from harsh climates,
and provide us and many living beings with food and shelter.

In an effort to give back to nature for everything it's given us,
Join us on June 4 to throw seedballs in

"Trees for Lebanon" is part of the IKI Small Grants program, administered by @giz_berlin and financed by the German Ministry for the Environment. Trees for Lebanon is implemented by @salamladc in partnership with @lebanonreforestationinitiative and in collaboration with Live Love.

"In this earth, a species can only thrive when everything around it thrives too."
-Sir David Attenborough

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The Leave no Trace Oath
  • By joining our events you are pledging to protect nature and Leave no Trace behind you when you go hiking in Lebanon's Nature and to always protect it and preserve it.