Guesthouse Lebanon

Guesthouses Lebanon: From Early Beginnings to Future Plans

In the heart of Lebanon's rich cultural tapestry lies a visionary initiative that has reshaped the landscape of Lebanese tourism by nurturing authentic connections between travelers and local communities. Guesthouses Lebanon, a labor of love born from the passion and dedication of the agriculture engineer and rural development expert Nour Azzi, has emerged as a community for immersive cultural experiences, transcending conventional tourism norms.
When Nour was first introduced to various guesthouses and their hosts through a project she was working on 5 years ago, the friendships she made sparked a deep-rooted desire within her to reciprocate the warmth and hospitality she received. This pivotal moment fueled the inception of Guesthouses Lebanon, a venture dedicated to celebrating Lebanese hospitality and heritage through travel, nature, and cuisine.

A proud sub brand of Le Passeport Culinaire, an innovative collaboration centered on intimate culinary travel experiences, Guesthouses Lebanon is a comprehensive directory, community, and project that offers a curated selection of guesthouses and guest tables and connects tourists to Lebanon's essence. Its fundamental mission revolves around crafting personalized, cultural, and intimate travel experiences for tourists and locals. Through this initiative, visitors are not mere spectators and instead become active participants in Lebanese culture, food, nature, and heritage.

Guesthouses Lebanon became a sub-brand of Le Passeport Culinaire after Nour became Managing Partner at Le Passeport Culinaire, when LPC founder and managing director Marianne Abou Jaoude introduced the concept of the guest table in Lebanon and integrated it into the guesthouse experience. LPC’s work with the Ministry of Tourism and legal advisor attorney Maitre Ghassan Moukheiber on updating and creating new decrees gives the guesthouses and guest tables sector space to grow and evolve as rising stars on the authentic tourism map.
Guesthouses Lebanon operates as an empowering force for hosts, offering capacity-building support and encouraging them to showcase their villages through their unique perspectives. As part of the support given to hosts and guests, Guesthouses Lebanon have conducted an in-depth study to create categories for guesthouses and guest tables in Lebanon to shape perceptions and manage expectations. By intertwining the essence of Lebanese hospitality with a commitment to community development, this initiative has created a symbiotic relationship between travelers seeking authentic encounters and locals eager to share their traditions.

Looking ahead, the vision for Guesthouses Lebanon extends far beyond its current achievements. The future promises inclusivity, with plans to welcome more guesthouses and guest tables into this tight-knit community. The objective remains clear: to forge deeper connections and partnerships that propel the organization forward. By expanding its community, Guesthouses Lebanon aims to revolutionize rural tourism in Lebanon, amplifying its impact while preserving the authenticity and charm of local communities.

As the Guesthouses Lebanon family continues to flourish, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of travel when rooted in respect, cultural exchange, partnerships, and a genuine desire to embrace the essence of a place and its people. Guesthouses Lebanon exemplifies not just a tourism venture, but a bridge between worlds, promoting understanding, appreciation, and cherished memories.

This article is part of a joint project between the Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) activity, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Le Passeport Culinaire to strengthen guesthouses and guest tables in Lebanon and enhance their competitiveness.

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