Who we are
Live Love Lebanon NGO
We are an independent non-profit founded in 2012 in Beirut and Los Angeles with the goal of sharing, celebrating and helping the beauty of Lebanon. We're the creators of @livelovebeirut, Live Love.org, Live Love Recycle and Live Love Tours. Rebuild Beirut is an initiative by our community. For info reach out to @ralphsaade
What we've done so far
We have created task forces to take on the full spectrum of work needed through immediate on-ground efforts and developing strategies to ensure high quality long-term results. At the heart of these task forces is the Disaster Management and Response Unit (DMRU), developed and managed by Live Love, and which serves as the main hub for in-taking, processing, and dispatching relief efforts,
as well as for coordinating the on-ground response.
Our Construction Unit
Our Warehouse Unit
Our Call Center & Dispatch Unit
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