Traveling to Lebanon from Paris anytime soon?
Help us by bringing back donations of medicine and essentials in your luggage.
Pick up the collected donations from our drop off zone in Paris
Click this button to fill the form and arrange your pick-up and drop-off.

Step 1
Prepare luggage space for donations.
Pick up donations that people have put together.
Step 2
Head over to Beirut Digital District to unpack donations. Our Live Love Lebanon team will gather all donations and distribute them to those in urgent need.
Step 3
Fill your now empty suitcase with as many Lebanese-made products as you can, taking back bits from home with you, and knowing you made a difference.
More cities coming soon!
If you've been collecting donations, no matter where you are, reach out to us here.
We're arranging to receive pick-ups from all over the world. Stay tuned!
Illustrations by Zeina Abi Rached