Live Love Los Angeles
Live Love Los Angeles is a community that promotes the beauty of Los Angeles and works to make their surroundings better by supporting local humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

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We're looking for a Head of Chapter
Live Love is a nonprofit with more than 2 million followers all over the world. Live Love's work centers around making our surroundings better by creating dedicated communities to support local causes.

Our three pillars are: Nature, Culture and Community.

Why Become Head of Chapter for Live Love Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world. It's home for iconic films and Hollywood, and it's known for its picturesque landscapes strewn with palm trees. But Los Angeles has so much more to offer. Becoming head of chapter at Live Love Los Angeles gives you the chance to show the world your city through your eyes. It also allows you to support local causes and mobilize volunteers to respond to arising challenges. These challenges are the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations.

This position comes with the responsibility of building from the ground up. We're looking for someone with initiative, creativity, and determination, someone who shares the Live Love values. If you believe in innovative civic engagement, this position is for you.
What can a Live Love Community do?
Create Positive Content
Share the beauty of Los Angeles through a community of Ambassadors devoted to posting their best photos and videos that depict Los Angeles through their eyes. The #LiveLoveLosAngeles hashtag will allow us to curate the best content possible.
Create Connections
Thanks to the social media visibility a Live Love Community offers, we would be able to recruit volunteers for local causes, and create a network of NGOs that Live Love could collaborate with.
Create Change
Make our surroundings better and create environmental, social and cultural impact according to our three pillars, which are at the core of all our actions. The goal is to take action in each of those fields.
How can you expand your community?
A community can evolve over two phases:
Talk about your city
It all starts with storytelling through digital campaigns created by the head of the chapter, mobilizing locals to promote their cities and villages. Live Love Campaigns invite citizens to find and share the best of their surroundings on social media through a hashtag dedicated to each city.

Local Ambassadors then curate the best stories every day. An online community is thus created, motivated to promote and preserve its surroundings.
Live through your city
The second phase is all about jumping from storytelling to storydoing. It's the transition from an online community to a community committed to tackling the challenges of their cities on the ground. Digital content starts being about galvanizing locals to come together and find solutions to challenges their cities face. A dedicated website will give communities a space to post and organize events, making them easy to find and access. The goal is to build innovative models for common challenges.

For a community to grow, bracelet sales and collaborations with big brands are essential. Profits from bracelet sales will be divided between Live Love, Live Love Los Angeles, and local NGOs. Developing the Live Love Los Angeles community will allow the Head of Chapter to go from volunteering to a full-time paid position.
Some partners Live Love has worked with to create environmental and humanitarian impact all over the world
Eddy and I started Live Love in 2012 to share Lebanon's beauty with the world. Today, we live off what we do and we work full-time at Live Love. We truly believe that we can grow globally thanks to dedicated and motivated individuals. Above all, Live Love embodies the desire to give citizens the possibility to mobilize for their surroundings."
Youmna Chamcham, Co-Founder at Live Love
Create Impact
Live Love Beirut and Live Love Armenia are great examples.
Live Love Armenia Bracelet sales have collected 23 thousand dollars to support 4 Armenian charities.
Creating Impact means becoming an agent of change. You can do the same for Los Angeles!
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