Morocco crowdfunding #COVID-19

Video Brief
(five or six words max! Think of it as a title or a headline in a newspaper you want to attract people attention with Example: 33 business to save! ) How to write catchy headlines 1● Use numbers to give concrete takeaways. 2● Use emotional objectives to describe your reader's problem. 3● Use unique rationale to demonstrate what the reader will get out of the article. 4● Use what, why, how, or when. 5● Make an audacious promise.
Your two sentence pitch elevator
Write in two sentences no more a clear explanation of your campaign and then read it to someone next to you. Don’t forget the two sentences should convince him to support your campaign. If he just understand from your first time why you’re asking him for money then your reader will.
Suggest a # for your project
Project overview
Short clear concise - In five to 10 sentences maximum, explain what you will be doing with the requested money and describe clearly the mechanism of your project
What is the impact expected? Jobs created, number of people helped, quantities distributed…
What Is your story? Any hero/face for the campaign? Any narrator of your story? Do you have a storyteller you could use for the campaign?
What is the counterpart that you are offering for any amount your supporter is going to invest in your campaign?
● For what are you collecting money? (breakdown of the amount, e.x. $0.5 will save a medical worker) ● predetermined amount you want to crowdfund (Crowdfunding target)
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