Create your own Live Love Volunteer event by submitting your project here. Choose a place, a date and an objective. Create a call to action and ask volunteers to join you.
Your event must fall under one of the 3 Live Love pillars.
At Live Love, we live and breathe to help preserve nature and celebrate its beauty. See an environmental issue around you? Have a volunteering idea? Submit your event here. Do your research. Be as precise as possible to get accepted.
We are here for one another. There is so much we can do to take care of those in need. From spending time with them to helping them build homes, find proper food, care or even education and entertainment.
Arts and culture are an essential part of our lives. Creativity and imagination is key to wellbeing, and at the core of creating change. Arts, history and heritage are to be very seriously taken care of.

Create Your Live Love Volunteer Event
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