Champion a cause:

Help us gather more monthly donations for Lebanon. Create a unique Referral link and share it with your friends, so they can become monthly donors.
For every friend who joins from your link, you win points And badges.

We designed a complete process to make it very easy for you to do so, where we give you everything you need to campaign for a cause. Here is how it works.

You have 1 month to campaign and reach the goal you set.

Choose the cause you want to champion
- option A : monthly fundraiser of live love
- option B: an initiative from our directory (not immediate)
- option C: an initiative you want to submit (not immediate)

Set a goal and take a pledge (for motivation!)
How many people do you think you can convert into donors?
-put a slider with the number of people, so they choose.

What social media platforms are you on?
Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok

Where do you think you can have more reach and influece?

Do you know any influencers or high profile people who you can reach?
take from:

Take info of user : Name, email, phone number, address, profession

Create unique link and profile for champion. Which will show the number of donations recieved from their unique link, their goal, the badges they got, their previous campaigns, etc...

Analytics, converisons, link tracking automaticaly adding up to each list. login system, badge rewarding, etc...