Akoura Massive CLEANUP
"We don't inherit this Land from our Ancestors... We Borrow it from our Children"

An initiative by: Alaa El Hachem
Phone Number: mobile: +961 03-128-708

06 - 11 - 2021
Meeting Time: at 9:00 am

Give Back to Nature.
Nature is our real home.
Nature is our food.
Nature is our water.
Nature is our refuge.

Massive Clean up at Akoura.
We are grouping the largest group to clean Akoura once for all! We will be divided in teams to clean and sort different location. From Rweiss river(1300m asl) to Saydet el Qaren (2000m asl)
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The Leave no Trace Oath
By joining our events you are pledging to protect nature and Leave no Trace behind you when you go hiking in Lebanon's Nature and to always protect it and preserve it.

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